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Animelo Summer Live 2013

The biggest anime songs concert in Japan held annually

Animelo Summer Live, or also known as Anisama in short, is an annual anime concert held at the end of August, marking the end of a summer season of anime events. It was first started in 2005 and the ninth Anisama was held in August 2013, at the Saitama Super Arena over the span of three days.

Anisama involves many anime, game, and related singers, and covers a broad range of pop music styles. Artists normally have one to three songs, generally a mix of songs from recent anime series and classical favorites. Many choose to collaborate in duets, and the entire event is marked by a new theme song sung by all participating artists each year.

Anisama is a good opportunity for up and coming artists to appear on a big stage and expand their fan base. It also has gradually become a source of inspiration for those aspiring to become anime song singers. The unique charm of this concert is how it brings together the community of anime song artists, and involve the fans into the spirit of the community.