Daffodil Festival at Gongendo Park

Enjoy the first flowers of the year in Satte City

Early Jan
Mid Feb
Venue: Gongendo Park When: Early Jan - Mid Feb 2022

Gongendo Park is renowned for its cherry blossom and rapeseed scenery. However, there are several different flowers grown seasonally at the riverside park. In January and early February, you can enjoy half a million daffodils blooming under the (bare) Sakura trees. 

The festival was not held in 2021 on account of the State of Emergency and the coronavirus outbreak. However, you can still visit the park and see the daffodil. In a 'normal' year they have a daffodil festival from early January to the middle of February. During the festival they organize additional events and there is usually some food stalls in the park. There is also a permanent cafe in the park that sells ice-cream and drinks. 

Getting there

By public transport: A bus goes from Satte Station on the Tobu Nikko line.  Take the Asahi bus bound for Goka Machi Yakuba and alight at “Gongendo” bus stop, which is on the south end of the park.

By car: The park is about a ten minute drive from the Satte Interchange of the Ken-o expressway. The main car park is open all year round. If the park is very busy they have an overflow car park. There is currently no charge for parking. 

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Elizabeth S a month ago
My neighborhood also has a spectacular azalea garden. If visitors miss cherry blossoms, the azaleas a few weeks later make up for it.
Lynda Hogan Author a month ago
I really love azalea. There are some really great azalea gardens in the Hiki area luckily for me. I would love to see some in other areas too though.
Kim a month ago
Half a million! I imagine it's just gorgeous!
Lynda Hogan Author a month ago
According to the Satte City website there is now a million, but after visiting I think the park's "half million" is the most accurate. They are along a walkway so you don't get the feeling that there is that many. I was quite surprised to see the figure to be honest! But they are really gorgeous. :-)