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Grantia Hanyu Spa Resort

Experience the best resort and spa in Hanyu, Saitama

Nothing beats the experience of staying at a spa resort. The warm smiles and helpful staff, convenient amenities, delicious and fresh breakfast dishes, but of course, the highlight is the natural hot springs. At this spa resort, you can appreciate the joy of traveling in Japan, by sampling a combination of traditional and modern aesthetics.

Located in the heart of Hanyu City, Saitama Prefecture, Grantia Hanyu Spa Resort provides an incredible service for their guests. For those who wish to discover the Japanese-style experience, you could can definitely find it here. The service and facilities are modern yet wonderfully captures the essence of a traditional Japanese resort.

Grantia Hanyu provides comfortable, fully-equipped rooms with lots of facilities. You can be assured all the modern amenities are available. You can also access your email and still communicate with your family abroad through Wi-Fi and LAN internet access.

You will never get bored here because the Grantia Hanyu Spa Resort provides lots of entertainment options and also many relaxing areas. You'll find a body salon, karaoke room, sauna, and massage service. Besides being good for your health, you can find your own peace of mind at their large public bath along with indoor and outdoor pools. They have a variety of hot springs for you to savour the experience. The best time to experience onsen, or traditional Japanese hot spring bath, is in the evening. You can admire the glowing tangerine sunset slowly fade into the beautiful night sky with the charming full moon. Having said that, a morning trip to the onsen is great preparation before breakfast!

This hotel is easily accessible, being only three minutes by foot from Hanyu Station. You can access Kuki Station in 20 minutes and Kumagaya Station in 30 minutes. Not just a great way to explore Hanyu City, you can also easily reach every corner of Saitama Prefecture from Hanyy, not to mention other prefectures by bullet train from Kumagaya Station. The strategic place of this hotel also ensures there are several supermarkets, restaurants and other stores within the vicinity of Grantia Hanyu Spa Resort.

With price range varying from ¥7,000 to ¥11,850 you can experience the warmth and joyful experience of Grantia Hanyu Spa Resort. Let yourself forget your itinerary for a moment. Just bring yourself here and find your peace of mind in the relaxing spa waters.

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