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Kawaguchi City's Botanical Gardens

Enjoy Japan's four seasons in this comprehensive park

Kawaguchi Green Center was selected as one of the top 100 urban parks in Japan. Kawaguchi City is known for its abundant greenery and cultivation of plants within the city. 

In addition to being considered a spiritual place, you can enjoy locating and discovering limestone caves that can be found all around the park. 

Starting with a plum festival as plum trees bloom in early spring, cherry blossom viewing season quickly follows as cherry blossoms and azaleas bloom across portions of the park. Peonies and Japanese irises welcome the beginning of summer while blooming hydrangeas signal the coming of rainy season which then turns into the greenery of summer.

Fall colors permeate every tree and, as you enjoy tsukimi (moon viewing), you can admire chrysanthemums that have been lovingly grown and cared for. With winter comes the deep crimson of camellia and sasanqua, a stunning contrast against the white of accumulated snow. As a full year passes, the wild birds return, their cries pronouncing the changing of the season.

Just like the blooming of flowers, traditional Japanese events also occurs with the seasons. Live koto performances in plum groves, setsubun, flying carp banners for Children’s Day, Bonsai tree exhibits, the Star Festival, firefly appreciation, tea ceremonies, and pounding mochi are all examples of seasonal events and festivals. You can tell how Japanese people are in tune with the aesthetics of nature through the way they interact with nature and celebrate the variety of seasons.

There is also a church chapel used for wedding ceremonies at the Green Center. In September of 1967, the emperor and empress stayed at this location for the National Sports Festival Summer Games held in Saitama. The church chapel's charm towards visitors hasn't changed a bit since then with its European architecture and gorgeous flower garden.

While Kawaguchi City is a city often seen as a movie location, the Green Center is also often used in television dramas and movies. 

Another place of interest, Wanpaku Hiroba, is a large, spacious area equipped with playground equipment for children to enjoy while surrounded by nature. For the parents, they can sit back, rest their eyes, clear their minds, and recover their strength for tomorrow as they enjoy any of the four seasons in the midst of nature. What better way to spend your day off?

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