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Medaka Exhibition

The art of keeping Japanese rice fish

Japanese rice fish, known as medaka, is probably one of the easiest fishes to keep. They do not require any oxygen machine, light, or heater -- equipment one normally has to buy with an aquarium. They can survive in near freezing water in the winter. Originally a small freshwater fish often found in rice paddies, ponds, and streams, the medaka is prized for its aesthetic coloration, best viewed from the top. That is why at the Medaka Exhibition, you will notice that many of the displays involve only a simple ceramic bowl which requires you to view the fish from the top rather than from the side. At this event, enthusiasts show off artistic ways to display medaka. You can participate in a medaka auction, purchase special breeds, or catch a set of for a bargain from the medaka pool. This year's Medaka Exhibition was held from June 1-2.

Getting there

The Koma Old Town House, location of the Medaka Exhibition, is a 15 minute walk from Koma Station (Seibu Chichibu Line). Parking slots are available in a lot across the road opposite the Old Town House.

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