The organic shop and cafe of joyful things

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Ureshii means 'joyful', and Ureshiimonoya or 'the shop of joyful things' is the perfect name for this charming little organic shop and cafe. Swing open the doors and you will be greeted by the melodious tinkling of chimes. The shop is tucked in a small forested space, and the all wood structure feels like a tranquil retreat. Inside, generous windows let in a lot of natural light. Looking out, the green from the hanging vines and the garden soothe the eyes.

Ureshiimonoya curates local, organic, and delightful things you won't probably won't find in big stores, things like limited print children's books, outfits made with organic cotton, non-toxic nail polish that pamper your nails (yes, there is such an option!), and ceramics that blend the best of Japanese and Scandinavian design. The organic vegetables on sale are freshly harvested by local farmers.

The cafe boasts of more than 50 kinds of herb tea and you are encouraged to take your time and sip your drink slowly. The food they serve is both safe and delicious. Come to Ureshiimonoya to sample sausage and hamburger made from organic pork. The price is more than your standard fare but you know you are consuming meat without antibiotics, growth stimulants, preservatives and artificial ingredients or additives. The sausages also come in refrigerated packs that you can purchase in store.

Taking advantage of its cozy ambiance, Ureshiimonoya hosts various workshops. There are ukulele classes and workshops on well-being, holistic health, and spirituality.

Savor your sandwich. Take in the serenity of the garden. Afterwards, head home joyfully bearing your pick of ureshiimono.

Getting there

Ureshiimonya is equidistant from both Koma Station and Komagawa Station (about 30 minutes walk from either station) so the best way to get here is by bus from either station or by private car. There are 8 parking slots availble.

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