Exhibition of Bonsai Plum Trees

Heavenly scented plum blossom in Nagahama

 By Cathy Cawood   Feb 11, 2014

Every year from January 20th to March 10th the heady, spicy fragrance of plum blossom fills a beautiful old house called Keiunkan in Nagahama. Before I visited this exhibition of bonsai plum trees, I thought all bonsai were small, but some of the trees were over 2 meters. Even more impressive, some of them were very old, as old as 400 years! The house is only a few minutes walk from Nagahama JR Station, and brochures, directions and tickets can be obtained from the Visitor's Centre at the the station.

Photography by Cathy Cawood
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Mary Kawai 3 years ago
Awesome! I hope I can go this year.
Ann Yamagishi 3 years ago
Lovely Bonsai collections!
Larry Knipfing 3 years ago
Wow, these Bonsai are beautiful!
Nicole Bauer 3 years ago
What a great opportunity to see all sorts of different plum trees in one place. Thanks for sharing, these are great pics!