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Fresh seafood by the riverside

The Oki Islands is a sushi and sashimi afficionado's paradise. One of the best local restaurants to enjoy the freshest catch of the day is Ajinokura, a great name for a restaurant -- aji means flavor and kura refers to those traditional Japanese storehouses. The restaurant has a nostalgic feel to it. You will see an antique-looking payphone that actually works and vintage beer posters from a bygone era. The best seating in the house has to be in the tatami area with a view of the river and the boats. Across the river is the Oki Plaza Hotel, and Mioya Shrine. The menu varies throughout the year depending on what's seasonally available. If you arrive at Oki Islands via Saigo Port Terminal, make Ajinokura your first food stop and you will be rewarded with one of the best local dining experiences you will have on the islands.

Getting there

From Saigo Port terminal, Ajinokura is a 3 minute walk away. The best way to get around the Oki Islands by taxi or by a rental car. Parking spaces are available.

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