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Oki Sannana

Dishing up Oki Islands comfort food

What is comfort food like in the Oki Islands? The freshest seafood you can get, which includes the prized turban shell, known to sushi lovers as sazae. Oki soba unlike any soba in other parts of Japan -- the soba noodles are soft, thick, and cut up in short pieces. We were encouraged to use our spoon if we found it too difficult to eat with our chopsticks. At Sannana, the staff take much pride in their food and they will explain how each dish is made. Do not leave without cake and coffee, well one, because coffee is not easy to find in the islands and Sannana serves excellent Mandheling coffee, and two, because they make this amazing chiffon cake out of komatsuna (Japanese mustard spinach) that is delicately light and absolutely delicious.

Getting there

A short walk from Saigo Port on Dogo Island, the largest of the Oki Islands and a great place to stop before taking the ferry to other islands.

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