Oki Plaza Hotel

A modern experience in a quaint island harbor

By Rory Jackson    - 3 min read

The Oki Plaza Hotel is a tall building conveniently located in the Saigo Port a 5 minute walk from the ferry terminal. Standing proudly at a full 10 stories high it's the tallest building in the Oki archipelago. A walk around the local area takes you by the Yao river and through quaint alleys and streets that feel like they haven't changed in many decades.

The Saigo Port was once the busiest port in the archipelago, providing a safe port for ships using the Kitamaebune shipping route, a route that carried rice up and down Japan for over 300 years until the rail transit boom in the late 19th century. These days the area is more peaceful, but the port still rings with the sounds of docked boats and fishermen unloading the daily catch.

This ocean culture shows itself in the hotel's shop which sells an eclectic selection of seafood, jewellery and tourist goodies. They sell everything from live turban shell snails to obsidian jewellery to real mounted bull horns. Near the shop is the lounge area which is decorated with all sorts of interesting objects, not the least of which is the amazingly carved wooden chair and table set. This is one hotel lounge area that I wouldn't mind actually sitting and reading a book in, and it provides access and views to the well designed garden.

The 10th floor of the building is occupied by the large and open set restaurant. The walls are fully windowed, giving you panoramic views over the Oki scenery whilst you enjoy your meal. The food is mostly seafood, but they can accommodate most requests so don't be afraid to ask. A lot of the food is sourced locally, using local fishermen and their own rice patties to make sure you get authentic Oki food.

The rooms are clean and well sized and every room available offers great views out over the ocean. The breeze is great after a hot day exploring the seaside hamlets of Oki and at sunset you can watch the fishing boats all return to their berths. The rooms come standard with a full bathroom, a fridge and a TV, and there's a large public bath downstairs if you want to soak. The hotel also has a grand ballroom and a banquet hall for large events.

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Sherilyn Siy a year ago
I completely missed the garden when I was there!