Green Eight Café

The black tea café of Shizuoka.

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History of Green Eight

Like most tea farmers, the eight farmers who formed "Green Eight" came together to bring enough capital to build a tea processing factory in the area. Those farmers have now been succeeded by their sons who are bringing their own spin onto the tea producing scene. One of the largest changes by far is in how they have changed their focus from Japanese green tea to black tea.

Outside the café on the tea loading dock.
Outside the café on the tea loading dock.

Their sole goal for the black tea was to reduce the astringent taste, creating an alternative form of black tea that was far easier to drink. Following the success of their tea brand, they went on to create the Green Eight Café in 2015 which is located inside the tea factory. Utilizing black tea leaves that they produce, they have created a variety of desserts that both children and adults can enjoy.

Black Tea Ice Cream

Simple black tea ice cream cone never tasted any better.
Simple black tea ice cream cone never tasted any better.

This ice cream been has been infused with black tea, sprinkled with tea leaves and served in a chocolate waffle cone. If you are looking for a flavor that is just sweet enough to satisfy a sweet tooth, this is the perfect choice.

Fruit Parfait

A fruit parfait from Green Eight Café
A fruit parfait from Green Eight Café

The fruit parfait lairs the black tea ice cream on top to be paired with seasonal fruits, chocolate flakes, sweetened black tea jelly, and of course a large block of chocolate in its center.

Tea Selections

Sipping a (non-alcoholic) Tea Mojito from the Tea Terrace
Sipping a (non-alcoholic) Tea Mojito from the Tea Terrace

Their base menu includes three varieties of tea: black tea, deep steamed Tsuyu Hikari (locally grown green tea), and a citrus tea. For a change in pace, however, I went with a non-alcoholic Mojito Tea which blended the citrus tea and Tsuyu Hikari together. This drink combines the best features of both teas, where you'll get hit with a blast of citrus at first and then it mellows out with the refreshing taste of green tea. The yuzu peel was also great to eat after taking down my drink.

Tea Terrace

You can sit at the Café or take a stroll and enjoy your tea based snack or drink, or for an additional fee, you can have 30 minutes of private use of the tea terrace fitted with umbrella and a stump as a table.

※Available for reservation during the weekdays. Reservations are not necessary on the weekends.

Getting there

Located 18 minutes from the Shin Shimizu Interchange on the Shin Tomei Highway.

※Unfortunately due to Green Eight Café's location, you do need a car to get there.

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