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Splendid Views From Satta-Toge Pass

An ideal spot for amateur and pro photographers

On a non-working holiday one late September, a Japanese friend took my co-teacher and I for a drive along Shizuoka's Suruga Bay then, passing by a huge soccer field, he drove the car off onto a long winding road going uphill. When we reached our destination, we parked the car then walked a few more steps along a narrow pathway going up the hill... and wow!

We were greeted with a really astounding and beautiful view where we could see the sight of Mount Fuji, hazy yet clear enough for us to see Japan's pride, standing majestically across the Suruga Bay. The scenery from the top of Satta-Toge Pass was indeed postcard-worthy, and several photographers stood along the fenced pathway with their DSLR's on tripods as they adjusted their telephoto and wide-angle lenses to get the best shots. Shizuoka City's famous Satta-Toge Pass is a 300-meter pass along the route of the old Tokaido road, located in between Okitsu and Yui stations on the JR Tokaido line. The views are indeed breathtaking but not when you have acrophobia.

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