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Luxury accommodation in the mountains of Izu

After getting off the train at Kannami station I wondered what the small, sleepy mountain town had installed for me. Leaving behind the coast of Ito for the surrounding mountains I was filled with excitement to see such a place and even more so at the though of the hotel.

The building stands out amongst its surroundings and you’ll recognise it instantly when you see it. The design features a cube like contemporary structure that is reminiscent of post-modernism though it fits perfectly into the quiet mountain town that encompasses it. This sleek modern design continues inside and the open plan lobby gently leads off to the café and restaurant.

I was greeted even before entering the lobby and once again I experienced Japanese hospitality at it’s finest. I was guided to my room and upon noticing my height whilst making our way there the hotel staff even fetched me a larger size Yukata. I was also shown where the facilities are on the way so I could easily make the most of them when I pleased.

Daisenya has a wide range of facilities with some being very unique in comparison to other places I have stayed. For one, the Onsen, both indoor and out was a real pleasure as I thoroughly enjoy bathing outside on a cool evening though there was something else that really caught my attention. The hotel has it’s own pottery studio where guests can produce their own Japanese ceramics. This is something very unique and offers you the chance to experience some really traditional culture without leaving the hotels premises. To compliment this there was also a gallery inside the hotel, which displayed the exquisite works of the pottery master as well as some photography. Of course there are also the more normal facilities like a massage service and banquet room and there is also the option of meals at the hotel if you so wish. If you are more inclined to enjoy nature then why not take a stroll around the hotels garden or even the near by rice fields that run parallel to the towns river.

When choosing a room you have the option between the traditional tatami floor and shoji or modern European style décor. With three options that include single rooms and deluxe suites, the hotel caters for the individual or a large group so your stay will easily be accommodated regardless of whether you come alone or with friends. Daisenya is located in the serene town of Kannami so the hotel could be prefect if you are looking for a quiet get away from the big city. If you are lucky during your visit there are also rooms with a view of Mt. Fuji though to my dismay I could only see an approaching typhoon in October. On the other hand, visiting in November and December would afford you views of a snow covered Mt Fuji, as well as the warm glow of the red foilage in the autumn sunlight. On the other hand, the scenery is covered with spring blossoms from March to May, and both these periods are typhoon free with mild temperatures.

When comfort and elegance merge together under the roof of a beautiful contemporary piece of architecture, the result is Daisenya. A hotel with ample facilities, friendly staff and a stunning location; it’s the perfect place for the tranquil getaway.

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