ICurry, Iwata City

An Indian restaurant that's great for vegetarians in Shizuoka

By Helen Xavier    - 2 min read

After three visits, you can tell that I really enjoyed visiting ICurry. Located in Iwata City in Shizuoka Prefecture, ICurry offers some very good vegetarian Indian food.

I thought Iwata City to be a very nice place and picturesque, flanked as it is by the Tenryuu RIver in the west and just brushing along the Pacific Ocean in the south. The climate is pleasant throughout the year, characterised by a short hot but humid summer.

But as interesting as Iwata City is, since I don't eat meat, I found it even more interesting when I visited the vegetable market here with the rare vegetables that were on offer. Reading about them I found them to be highly nutritious and, of course, healthy. Furthermore, I discovered that Japanese farmers grow vegetables that farmers elsewhere know little about. In anycase, Iwata City turned out to be a very pleasant place for vegetarians and open to surprising anyone interested in healthy and tempting eating.

A modest Indian and Bangladeshi restaurant that makes sure it caters to the vegetarian appetite, ICurry's street food menu appealed to me. Their foods included samosa, cone-shaped dumplings made of wheat flour and stuffed with spicy potato and masala, the aroma of which would surely make you turn around to go and grab a bite. They are very famous all over India. They also have variety of biryani, a spicy rice made with vegetables (or meats if you are into that) and of course, naan bread, loved by many Japanese people.

The costs here are a lot more reasonable than I expected with meals around JPY1000 or even less! The restaurant ambiance is clean and quite well maintained with good, prompt service. I can most definitely recommend ICurry as a legitimate restaurant that will cater to vegetarians.

Getting there

Take the Tokaido Main Line to Iwata Station. The restaurant is a 6-minute taxi ride from the station or a 20-minute walk.

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Helen Xavier

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Kim B 2 weeks ago
Indian cuisine is up there with my favorites. So much flavor!
Elizabeth S 2 weeks ago
Samosa is the Indian analogue to inarizushi, I figure. Stuffed with goodness.
Sherilyn Siy 2 weeks ago
I could have samosas every day!