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The Fairy Garden in Izu City

A Western-style garden in Niji-no-Sato in Shuzenji

After an interesting tour of the Canadian Village in Shuzenji's Niji-no-Sato, we headed for the final and last destination -- the Japanese Village. Along the way we came across the Fairy Garden, where we passed by the three-dimensional Royal Rose Garden, which makes use of the Fairy Garden's north-side slope. There are a hundred kinds of beautiful roses (2,300 in total) that bloom all over the place. There are neatly trimmed bushes forming rectangular borders for each kind of roses planted in groups. A lovely white kiosk amidst the fully-bloomed roses created a fairy-tale ambience as we passed by the place, and it strongly reminded me of the movie, "The Sound of Music". Moreover, we passed by an area which also reminded me of the Hobbiton Movie Set in New Zealand. There weren't so many flowers when we went there in early August, as the flowers bloom seasonally, yet the whole place still looked scenic and beautiful.

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