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About Izu City

Izu City is a relatively warm city that lies along the Izu Peninsula in Shizuoka refecture. Famous for its hot springs and the Shuzenji Temple, Izu is ideal for travellers looking for a mixture of land and sea experiences.

The Kano River runs through the city, culminating in the Joren Falls, a waterfall with a fishing spot. Locomotive fans may also ride the Shuzenji Romney Railway, a 1.2-kilometre long pleasure railway in Niji-no-Sato (Rainbow Park).

Here, like many other places in Shizuoka prefecture, visitors may catching stunning views of Mt. Fuji. At sunset, couples can gather at Lover's Point in Cape Toi and ring the Love Bell to celebrate their love.

Outside Izu, travellers may hike up Mt. Amagi, the highest peak in the Izu Peninsula, or go snorkelling and diving in the coasts.