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Michi no Eki Izu-tsukigase

A roadside station right by the Kano River

Michi no eki Izu-tsukigase (道の駅 伊豆月ケ瀬) is a roadside station right by the Kano River. The main building's seating area is naturally well lit by floor-to-ceiling glass windows where visitors can look out to tranquil views of a bridge over the river and the Amagi mountain range.

Floor to ceiling windows
Floor to ceiling windows

The cafeteria style restaurant visitors can sample local gourmet dishes featuring the best the region has to offer. One of the set meals on the menu is the wasabi rice set meal (¥1,680 including tax). Amagi wasabi, grown in ideal conditions of cool, clean spring waters and shaded from the sun by the Amagi mountains, has been touted Japan's best wasabi. Freshly grate your own wasabi stem over fluffy rice. Sprinkle with soy sauce and top with dried bonito flakes, and partake of this simple meal with a bowl of warm soup. You will never see wasabi the same way ever again.

The cafeteria also serves seasonal favorites such as zugani ramen or udon, rich miso ramen or udon blended with zugani (crab) soup stock, a dish guaranteed to warm and fill you up. You are encouraged to mop up that delicious soup with extra rice.

Izu miso ramen
Izu miso ramen

We stopped here for lunch after an exhilarating bike up and down the Skyline. I was famished, and it was the Izu miso ramen that called my name. This is one bowl of ramen that will make your mother happy. You can't see it from the photo but the thick ramen noodles are actually sitting on a bed of fresh vegetables, grown by local farmers. This ramen has an appetizing spicy garlic finish.

Sumptuously thick ramen noodles
Sumptuously thick ramen noodles

After lunch, make sure to stop by the shop where you can get special products using the region's best agricultural offering. Aside from wasabi, Izu is known for shiitake mushrooms. Here at the shop, you can get fresh shiitake, shiitake mushroom tea or soup shiitake products. Bring home the best of Izu to share with family and friends.

Shop for local specialties
Shop for local specialties

Getting there

True to its name (道の駅), Roadside station Izu Tsukigase is easily accessible from the main highway and has a huge parking lot to accommodate all types of vehicles. It is adjacent to the Tsukigase IC on Tsukigase IC on Amagi Kita Road along the Izu Jukan Expressway along National Highway 414.

From Shuzenji Station, it is 20 minutes way on the Shin-Tokai Bus No. 5. Get off at Shinohara bus stop.

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Bonson Lam 2 years ago
This feels more like a nature resort than a roadside station. I am sure the ramen is amazing, especially if you were famished after an exhilarating bicycle ride on the skyline earlier.
Sherilyn Siy Author 2 years ago
It was definitely a restful rest stop. All that vegetables in the ramen rejuvenated me.

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