Joren Falls

One of 100 most beautiful falls in Japan

 By Sherilyn Siy   Jan 30, 2017

Joren no Taki (浄蓮の滝) or Joren Falls is one of Japan's loveliest waterfalls. Located in Izu (Shizuoka Prefecture) in the headwaters of the Kano River, the falls drops from basalt cliffs 25 meters high and is 7 meters wide. It is the starting/ending point of the Odoriko trail and the Amagi hiking trail. Downstream from the waterfalls is the Amagi International trout fishing site. Joren Falls is also known for the bright green wasabi plants that grow beside the river, a truly special and refreshing sight. Wasabi is quite picky about its growing conditions. It thrives in cool, shady, misty mountain stream beds near a natural forest canopy. Grown with pure water, Amagi's wasabi has a distinctive flavor. Quaint shops right by the river sell all manner of wasabi products which visitors can sample before purchasing. The wasabi soft cream is a must try. At the top of the stairs leading to the waterfall, there's a bus stop, ample parking space and a number of souvenir shops with Izu specialties.

Photography by Sherilyn Siy
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