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Mount Fuji Radar Dome Museum

35 years of predicting weather from Mount Fuji's summit


The Mount Fuji trails officially open from July 1st (Yoshida Trail) and July 10th (others) and remain open until September 10th. Check the latest climbing status.

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Before the days of satellites, there was a manned radar dome on top of Mt. Fuji. From its installation in 1965 up until 1999 it served as a detection system for dangerous storms. Just imagine what that job was like in winter! At the end of its usefulness, the radar dome was air-lifted to a new home in Fujiyoshida, and turned into a small museum. They have a special room where you can experience a simulation of weather conditions at the top of Mount Fuji. There is an English leaflet available, and the museum is about 3 kilometers from Fujisan Station.

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