My Journey to Mt. Fuji

One may need patience & good luck to see in full glory

By Elena Lisina    - 3 min read


All trails to the summit and public facilities are closed in winter from September 11th. For the latest, check here.

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Mt. Fuji is the iconic image of Japan presented on numerous pictures and prints, so it is a place I consider a “mandatory” visit. On my first visit to Japan, I bought a 1-day bus pass to visit Mt. Fuji for ¥10,000. It promised, "Proceed on by an air-conditioned bus for a 2.5-hour ride to Mt. Fuji, heading up to a height of 7,607 feet (2,305m) above sea level on the mountain. Your first stop is the Mt. Fuji Visitor Center, offering astounding views of the entire region and an informative museum” That sounded tempting!

The bus ride was really good and the guide did her best to amuse the tourists from different countries. The bus climbed to Mt. Fuji by a mountain road and we could see nothing but white mist around! I hoped that we’d pass the cloud and see the top of Mt. Fuji, but I was much mistaken. We left Tokyo on a fine and warm day and most of the tourists were in t-shirts. But, when we left the bus at the Mt. Fuji Visitor Center, it was freezing cold there! In addition to the mist, it rained there! Near the Visitor Center I noticed a frog and was very interested, but the frog was just a small sculpture! We couldn’t see Mt. Fuji at all and our only consolation was buying t-shirts with the picture of Mt. Fuji at the gift shop! That trip was quite disappointing for me, but I hoped to come back.

On my second visit, I went to Mt. Fuji with a friend. We bought a “round trip ticket” for ¥5,600, which included trips by train, a cable car, a ship and a bus. Again, we left Tokyo on a bright warm day in the beginning of April, and I dressed lightly for the weather. When we arrived at Owakudani station, it was rather cold there and Mt. Fuji was hidden in the clouds. We decided to wait and my friend suggested to eat soba. After that we just sat outside and waited, looking in Mt. Fuji's direction.

After some time, clouds slowly moved away and we could see the top of Mt. Fuji, finally! Then clouds hid Mt. Fuji once again, so we couldn’t watch its beautiful view from the lake. But, we were already satisfied with the views we were able to see in a brief moment. After that visit I got bad cold, so my advice is to dress warmly heading to Mt. Fuji!

I heard one omen – if you see Mt. Fuji from a Shinkansen, you’ll come to Japan again. Coming back to Tokyo from Hiroshima by Shinkansen, I saw the top of Mt. Fuji towering above the clouds. It was really exciting as its top showed just for few minutes before disappearing! But, the most grand view I captured was from the Shinkansen’s window once more – somewhere in Shizuoka. It was the closest view and it showed Mt. Fuji's Majesty. I believe it was meant to not be my last visit to Japan!

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Elena Lisina

Elena Lisina @shiroi.tenshi

I love Japan very much! I like small towns of Japan where I can watch people doing their business and talk to them carefully. They're always friendly. I like Japanese gardens where I can just sit or walk and take my time. Also I like Shinto Jinja as being there I feel in peace. I like to watch sunsets and then to dine in some small local places. I like to soak into onsen after a long day of wandering. I like Japanese crafts very much as all items are made with great taste and skill. Nihon wo daisuki desuyo!

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Andrew C. 3 years ago
beautiful experience.
Elena Lisina Author 3 years ago
I'd like to climb Fuji-san some day!
Shri Bhagwan Sharma 4 years ago
Several beautiful photograph of mount Fuji have seen. NHK world radio have made the QSL card of beautiful Image of Mt. Fuji and send to me . I have several post card of mt Fuji .
Shri Bhagwan Sharma 4 years ago
welcome for your best wishes.
Reynald Ventura 4 years ago
A well-travelled lady you are, Tenshi-sama. The many faces of Fujisan.
Elena Lisina Author 4 years ago
Sou desuyo! )))