Osadaen Honten

A fantastic tea store in Mori, Shizuoka

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If you are a tea aficionado, Shizuoka is a prefecture that should be on your to-visit list. There are many tea related activities to partake in across the region, as well as plenty of stores to pick up tea and tea wares to take home with you.

One of my favorite Shizuoka based tea stores is Osadaen Honten, located in Mori, Shizuoka. The store has received numerous awards for the quality of their tea, and you can see their commitment to the leafy beverage as soon as you enter their premises.

If you're unsure what variety of tea you might like, they often provide samples so that you can try out some brews before you commit to purchasing them. The staff here are exceptionally helpful, even showing us how to whisk the perfect cup of matcha - which is surprisingly trickier than you may think!

Getting there

Osadaen Honten is located in Mori, Shizuoka. The closest train station is the Morimachibyoin-Mae Station, and the Osadean Honten premises are approximately five minutes on foot from there.

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