Shizuoka Chagori 2024

Cool down this summer with a tea-flavored dessert!

Venue: Shizuoka When: Early Jul - Late Sep 2024

The rainy season has been an (un)seasonably wet one, but are you prepared for the blazing heat that is to come in August? Shizuoka Prefecture has got you covered with Chagori, a portmanteau of ocha (tea) and kakigori (shaved ice). This event goes from July until the end of September and showcases over 60 tea shops and cafes across the prefecture. Each shop has their own take on the perfect tea-flavored frozen treat. While Shizuoka is known as the holy land for green tea in Japan, all kinds of tea are being represented, so you are sure to find the flavor that is right for you.

Climb the matcha mountain!
Climb the matcha mountain!

Maccha Shaved Iced topped with Matcha Warabimochi and Kinako(抹茶わらび餅かき氷 抹茶きな粉がけ)

This dessert from the tea specialty shop Gashoan(雅正庵) in Shizuoka City is loaded with enough matcha to satisfy your sweet tooth. As your order arrives, you will realize that you are starting a trek up a gigantic, Fuji-esque matcha mountain, which is enough to feed two people. Then your eyes will peer upwards where four warabimochi boulders await. At the summit is a generous helping of ice cream with a layer of matcha kinako snow.

Price: 900 yen (including tax)

Address: Mukoshikiji 1198-1, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka-shi(静岡市駿河区向敷地1198-1)

Aoi no Kyo(あおいの郷)
Aoi no Kyo(あおいの郷)

Aoi no Kyo(あおいの郷)

This variation made by T's green omachi utilizes a black tea to create a parfait style shaved ice dessert. The mitsu dango resting on top is just the appetizer! Dive in to the bottom to try a delicious combination of black tea and strawberries. You can customize it further by using the three toppings provided: daifuku beans, green tea leaves simmered with soy sauce, and renyuu. A drink is included, but I upgraded to a Matcha Latte to get a full-on cafe experience.

Price: 1,050 yen (excluding tax)

Address: Shichiken-cho 16-7, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi(静岡県静岡市葵区七間町16-7)

Locations participating in this event range from Hamamatsu to Atami, so there is sure to be a store near you! For more information, go to the Chagori website.

※As of 7/31, no English website is available.

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Elena Lisina 3 years ago
Great for summer or after onsen! )))
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Just looking at these kakigori cools me off!
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Everything looks delicious!

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