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Namba Parks, Osaka 7

Namba Parks, Osaka

Peter Lin

The Namba Parks (link in Japanese) complex is an amazingly designed mixed-use space in the Namba district in Osaka. Designed by..

Osaka 1
Tokyo Skytree Solamachi Mall 6

Tokyo Skytree Solamachi Mall


The new Tokyo Skytree Solamachi mall breathes new life into the historical old downtown Shitamachi district of Tokyo. Dubbed t..

Akasaka Sacas 10

Akasaka Sacas

Karin Wu

Right out of Akasaka Station is an entertainment complex centered around TBS headquarters.

Mint Kobe 7

Mint Kobe

JapanTravel Guest

Mint Kobe is a trendy building located in Sannomiya, Kobe. The building offers great dining, fashion, and a movie theatre on the..