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Don Quijote, Japan's Variety Store

Don Quijote, Japan's Variety Store


Don Quijote, commonly abbreviated to Donki, is one of Japan's largest chain stores with over 270 locations throughout Japa..

Tokyo 6
Muji Design Store Kyoto

Muji Design Store Kyoto

Bonson Lam

Founded in 1980 by the Seiyu Group, Muji (short for Mujirushi Ryōhin), eschewed the glitz of that time, and instead led the wa..

Okinawa Town

Okinawa Town

Connor Lappin

Welcome to mini-Okinawa, a bustling epicenter showcasing some of the Island's distinct culture in Tokyo

Kusatsu Farmers' Shop 11

Kusatsu Farmers' Shop

Peter Sidell

In Kusatsu in Japan's Gunma prefecture, the Farmers' Shop sells locally produced food and drinks, including wines, beers..

Gunma 2
Shinsen Fish Market 10

Shinsen Fish Market

Chris Barnes

Shinsen Fish Market is a lively fish market with a citizen's atmosphere located in the Auga Festival City Building, a two minute..