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Kumamon Square

Exceptionally popular icon from Kumamoto, Kumamon is extremely busy, appearing on TV and exhibitions, as well as visiting schools, kindergartens and festivals, but you could see him at Kumamon Square. Kumamon Square is located on the fist floor of the East Building of Tsuruya Department Store in the downtown business direct.

Hitoyoshi Onsen Bussankan

Drop in to Hitoyoshi Osen Bussankan, where you can purchase Hitoyoshi's local produce such as Kuma-jochu and green tea, as well as traditional handicrafts like kiji-uma and hanatebako. There is also a free foot spa.

Jizake-dokoro Tachibana Liquor shop

Jizake-dokoro Tachibana Liquor Shop sources selected sakes directly from producers in Kumamoto and other prefectures. You would be excited when you see their huge variety of stock. On their website they say that they don’t sell online as they prefer to “serve our customers directly with our selected items”. So if you talk with them, “I love this type of sake…,” they would definitely give some recommendations. Even if you don’t travel all over Japan, you should be able to find your favourite brands here.