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Horaido's Tea Shop in Teramachi

Here is my moment of truth. Coming face to face with the professor of tea in Kyoto’s Teramachi district. In the freshly brewed cup, I see three generations of tea making, all instilled in a single drop of jade dew tea, the essence of unami in Gyokoro tea .

Kyoto Rakushikan

Feel and breathe the culture of washi, Japanese living paper. A four level museum and emporium of washi where you can experience washi in many forms and talk to the master craftsmen.

Sannenzaka Kyoto

Take a stroll amongst historic terrace houses and shops in the number one tourist spot in Kyoto. Sannenzaka is full of pleasant surprises and is a short walk from Gion or Kiyomizu Temple.

Takashimaya Department Store

Takashimaya is a repository of traditional and modern Kyoto art and design. Bringing luxury to your home and everyday life, it is a living museum and emporium of Kyoto culture and fashion. There are English interpreters available.