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In Japan's Nagano prefecture, Karuizawa is a tranquil resort town an hour by train from Tokyo, making a fun day-trip or relaxing two- or three-day break

Frog Street in Matsumoto

Nawate Street is a frog-themed street south of Matsumoto Castle. Many shops, ranging from food to antiques, line the narrow street, making it an interesting place worth visiting.

Kyu-Karuizawa Shopping Street

In the resort town of Karuizawa in Japan's Nagano prefecture, there's a pedestrianized kilometer of stores selling souvenirs and a lot of locally produced jam, honey and wine.

Prince Shopping Plaza Karuizawa

Next to Karuizawa station In Japan's Nagano prefecture, Prince Shopping Plaza boasts over 150 stores selling fashion, sportswear, household goods and more, in a scenic, spacious environment.