Colors of Nikko National Park

Japan's most lavishly decorated temples & shrines

 By Elena Lisina   Sep 3, 2016

In Japan, temples and shrines are usually moderate in colors and decorations. Mostly, you can meet dark-brown or red-colored "Otera" (temple) or "Jinja" (shrine) with golden decorations. But, the Nikko National Park complex fascinated me with its multi-colored paintings and intricate carvings. I discovered them one by one and got more and more excited. I believe it is the best place in Japan to see the objects of religion gathered in one place! Some of them, such as Toshugu shrine or Tokugawa mausoleum, are quite famous.

Photography by Elena Lisina
Japan Travel Member

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Preethu a year ago
Elena Lisina Photographer a year ago
Hai, sou desuyo!
Corinna David a year ago
I love how you were able to capture the details. Truly fascinating!
Elena Lisina Photographer a year ago
Thank you! I WAS really facinated!
Reynald Ventura a year ago
Brilliant colours Tenshi sama
Elena Lisina Photographer a year ago
Arigatou! Sugoi deshita!