Lake Chuzenji, Early Autumn

Stunning views of Chuzenjiko in Nikko, Tochigi

By Dale A. Brown    - 1 min read

Lake Chuzenji is located 1236 meters above sea level high in the city of Nikko, Tochigi prefecture. Chuzenjiko exemplifies the natural beauty of the region year round. I was able to enjoy the lake just on the Autumn Equinox, just as the signs of fall begin to show on the leaves of the surrounding trees. High above the lake, you can take a ropeway gondola up to the Akechidaira observation deck to get a great view of the valley, the lake as well as Kegon Falls. Chuzenjiko is magnificent year-round but is particularly stunning during the changing of the leaves through October and November each year.

Getting there

Lake Chuzenji can be accessed by bus from JR and Tobu Nikko Stations (50 minute ride up to the lake) or by car (less than 60km from Utsunomiya).

More info

Find out more about Lake Chuzenji.

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