Nikkō National Park

One of the best day-trips from Tokyo

 By Cathy Cawood   Sep 12, 2016

Nikkō National Park in Tochigi has so much to see and do that one day is not enough. You could easily spend a whole day just wandering around the historic shrines and temples. Even though Tōshō-gu is currently being renovated, it is still fabulous. However my second trip to Nikko was by car, and after admiring Suganami-ki, the avenue of 400 year old cedars, we raced through Tōshō-gu, Rinno-ji and Futara-san as soon as they opened. Then we drove to Kegon Falls and Lake Chuzenji.  We continued on to Lake Yunoko and Ryuzu Falls, and for me at least, the natural splendors of Nikkō National Park were a match for the man-made splendors of Tōshō-gu.

Video by Cathy Cawood
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Yuna Gena a year ago
Oh, this video makes me more confused which one to visit, Nikko or Chichibu for my next travel to Japan since I only have one choice. But, if I choos Nikko in the end, Nikko National Park has to be on my list. :)
Yuna Gena a year ago
Ah, let me see if I can do both for both are close each other. I have limited time there. Thank you and I just translated this article of your to JapanTravel's Indonesia's version, and still needs approval. :)
Reynald Ventura a year ago
Nice one, Cathy.
Cathy Cawood Videographer a year ago
Thank you!