Rockclimbing in Kanuma

Tochigi's hidden Rock Mountain

By Megan Page    - 1 min read

The locals call it Iwayama, or "Rock Mountain."  It may not be an official name, but it certainly looks like a giant rock that grew into a mountain.  There's little to no information on this spot that's hidden down the backroads of Kanuma in Tochigi Prefecture, but after doing some surveying, it turns out this is a favorite among local climbers.  There are multiple faces to climb, all with varying levels of difficulty.  On a clear day the views from the top are some of the best in Tochigi.  Beware of snakes and sudden lightning storms in the summertime.  Otherwise, if you're a climber and you are looking for some solitude, this is your spot.

Note: The trailhead is located down a totally unremarkable road, but if you look for signs for Hiyoshi Shrine, you will find it.  

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Megan Page

Megan Page