The "Other" Nogi Shrine

Nogi shrine in Nasushiobara,Tochigi

By Louise Archer    - 1 min read

Nogi Shrine is a beautiful shrine in Nasushiobara, that sits amongst delightful rustic grounds.  The cedar & oak woods are beautiful, and there are statues, water mills, and historic villas as well as wildflowers scattered throughout.The paths between the shrine and the pond make for an interesting and pleasant walk regardless of season.​ Nogi Villa at the back was the home of General Nogi Maresuke (1849-1912) - A national hero during the Meiji period and also known for committing suicide on the same day as the funeral of the Emperor Meiji as he did not want to outlive him.  

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Louise Archer

Louise Archer @louise.archer

I am an Aussie expat (ex Sydney, Perth, ex UK) living in rural Japan. Im very passionate about people seeing more of Japan than the big cities, which are wonderful places, but there are so many hidden treasures in the countryside and lesser known regions. For the three years I have been living here I've been keeping a blog called "Just life (in Japan)"  about my life in Japan, the places I visit and Tochigi Prefecture where I live.