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Yuba Soba at Lake Chuzenji

Yuba soba and grilled fish are must-tries in Nikko

When traveling around Nikko and seeing sights such as Lake Chuzenji, Kegon Falls, Chuzenji Temple, or even the Tochigi Prefecture Nikko Natural Museum, you must stop by one of the local restaurants to eat yuba soba. Signs are everywhere promoting yuba (ゆば) and are easy to recognize. With almost every restaurant in Nikko promoting it, it is a simple thing to find and enjoy yuba at any restaurant you choose to stop by.

Oyasumi Dokoro Kiyo-Chan (written as お休み処 清ちゃん on the actual sign) is one of the many restaurants in the area that sells yuba soba and grilled fish. What makes this place unique is the fact that you can watch the fish get grilled. Many people have stopped by to take pictures or videos to share the experience.

Yuba soba or udon?

Yuba is basically tofu skin, which is made from soybeans. The menu mainly consists of different kinds of soba. The soba noodles are hand-made and have a purple color at this restaurant. You may order either hot or cold soba. There is even soba with fried yuba and boiled or raw yuba.

Yuba soba
Yuba soba

If you do not want soba, you can choose udon noodles instead. They are much thicker and can be served with fried or boiled yuba as well. If you choose to order a meal set, you also receive a side dish, the charcoal-grilled fish and your choice of noodles. If you do not want a meal set, you can always order dumplings or something else on the menu to go along with your soba or udon.

Udon soba meal set with charcoal-grilled fish
Udon soba meal set with charcoal-grilled fish

Charcoal-grilled fish

The yuba soba comes in a set with the charcoal-grilled fish, a traditional Japanese style of cooking fish. You can also watch the staff cook it for you and when he is done, you simply eat it off of a skewer. The fact that you can watch the restaurant grill the fish in front of you is what attracts many customers to eat at the restaurant.

Charcoal-grilled fish
Charcoal-grilled fish

Next time you are in Nikko and strolling around Lake Chuzenji, try Oyasumi Dokoro Kiyo-Chan.

Getting there

The restaurant is a short walk from Sunrise Pier at Lake Chuzenji. You'll find it between Aurora restaurant and Friendly's ice cream shop.

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My first ever yuba was in Nikko at a yuba restaurant near the bus depot. Absolutely divine taste.
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