Fishing at the None-Gawa Creek

A creek in a fresh green forest

 By Yoshifumi Hara   Jun 22, 2015

June is the month of the rainy season here in western Japan. However, we sometimes have a shiny comfortable day even in June. We call such weather as 'Nippon-bare'. I went fishing at the None-gawa Creek on one such fine day. Creeks in Japan, especially in mountain regions, are usually rapid and greenish-gin-clear. The None-gawa Creek is that kind of beautiful creek, and it runs through both Tokushima and Kochi prefectures. It's not easy to reach the creek on the Tokushima side, but the fishing is worth it. The place is full of green, bird songs and negative ions. Walking upstream, wading the rapids and (if necessary) climbing rocks. Trout fishing is good exercise. It eases the stress of city life. A bottle of water after fishing refreshed me. I felt good!

Photography by Yoshifumi Hara
Japan Travel Member

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George Tan 5 months ago
The water is clear!!!
Aobh Bodewig 9 months ago
Beautiful imagery !
Angelina Dietz a year ago
Amazing pictures ^^ looks like a fantasy forest ^^
Yoshifumi Hara Photographer a year ago
Thank you Angelina-san.
Preethu a year ago
Yoshifumi Hara Photographer a year ago
Thank you Peethu-san.
Andrew Choi a year ago
the water looks so, so clear
Yoshifumi Hara Photographer a year ago
Andrew-san, thank you for the comment. Actually, it's beautiful.