Pilgrimage Temples #14,15,16 and 17

Five temples in Tokushima City

By Yoshifumi Hara    - 1 min read

Five of the 88 temples of this pilgrimage are located in Tokushima city. Leave the 13th temple and walk 2.3 km. The 14th temple, Joraku-ji Temple, is beyond the Akui-gawa creek. This temple stands on a one-of-a-kind bedrock called "Garden of Ryusui-gan". The path of the pilgrimage goes through a residential area here. A short walk (0.8 km) takes us to the 15th temple, Kokubunn-ji Temple. You can enjoy a Japanese garden here in the temple. The 16th temple, Kannon-ji Temple, is 1.8 km away from the 15th temple. You can get a "mantra of the light" printed on your pilgrimage gown in the office of the temple. The distance to the last temple "Ido-ji Temple" is 2.8 km. The name "Ido" refers to a natural well that Kobo-Daishi found. Potable water from the well is available here at the 17th temple. The next destination is in Komatsushima-city.

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