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Shikoku Pilgrimage: Temple No. 13

The first temple in Tokushima city

As the 12th temple is located on a mountain, the route to the next temple is still in a mountainous area. In the case of walking, you have to walk beyond a couple of hills. It can be a tough route. On the other hand, the road for vehicles is along an easy route. Once you get down to the Akui-gawa Creek, you can enjoy driving to the next temple. I can say it’s a 'broad' kind of road in Tokushima. Besides, you can enjoy some Tanabata decorations in early July. The 13th temple, Dainichi-ji Temple, stands near Akui-gawa Creek. Although this temple is comparatively simple and small, it has sedate and stately buildings. The road goes into outskirts of Tokushima city after this temple.