Asakusa Street Food Adventures

How much street food in Asakusa can you enjoy?

By Angela An    - 2 min read

A lot of people have this impression that Tokyo is really expensive, however a cheap and fun way to enjoy different types of Japanese food is by buying Japanese street food!!! :D. A place that offers a lot of Japanese street food stalls is in Asakusa, Tokyo. If you are visiting Tokyo then Asakusa is most likely going to be a the top of your list and here are some of the street food shops I recommend trying out at Asakusa.

1. Nakamise Dori street (Main shopping street in Asakusa)
- Asakusa Kokonoe (Agemanju, deep fried monja ¥170 and sakura bun ¥200)

2. Denpoin dori street
- Asakusa Menchi ¥200 (Menchi katsu, deep fried minced meat)
- Asakusa Kaede Wagashi (Dango, Japanese sweet dumplings)
- Chocolate sprinkle dango ¥200
- Mitarshi sweet soy sauce glaze ¥130

3. Shin-Nakamise dori street
- Sekine Nikuman ¥260 (Nikuman, steamed meat bun)
- Asakusa Kurikoan (Taiyaki, green tea macha filled taiyaki ¥176)

Apart from the Japanese street food and shopping in Asakusa there are many other things to see and do such as visiting Kaminarimon (Kaminari Gate), Sensoji Temple, Asakusa Shrine, Dempoin Temple, Kappabashi Shopping Street and so on!

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