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10 Most Popular Items at Laox

Shopping at the biggest tax-free store in Japan

Laox is at the forefront of the tax-free retail business in Japan. Established in 1930, Laox has been dealing with a wide range of products from electronics to home gadgets, cosmetics and jewelry to meet the various demands of foreign tourists in a single visit.

They operate not only in Tokyo metropolitan area but also major tourist destinations such as Hokkaido, Osaka, Fukuoka and Okinawa, which gives them one of the largest tax-free store networks in Japan. Some of their stores are conveniently located near airports such as Narita International Airport and Kansai International Airport, so you can easily drop by to get some souvenirs you didn’t have a chance to buy!

In addition, Laox offers multilingual customer service (up to 21 different languages) to ensure an enjoyable shopping experience without language and cultural barriers. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about 8% consumption tax. Why don't you give it a try and see varied items they have? The following list would give you their items we think you would like:

  1. Watches

    Japanese watch makers such as SEIKO, CITIZEN, and CASIO have support from customers the world over. Especially, G-shock watches, from feature-packed and sturdy models to BABY-G, are widely popular with both women as well as men.
  2. Skin Care Products
    <p>Skin care products</p>
    Skin care products

    From face masks to lotion, cleansing cream, sunscreen and others, Japanese skin care products are popular with foreign customers. Since they are directly applied to the skin, the trustworthiness of the Made-In-Japan label goes a long way. Furthermore, people say Japanese cosmetics are better suited to the Asian skin than Western ones.
  3. Rice Cookers
    <p>Rice cooker</p>
    Rice cooker

    The Japanese, whose staple food has always been rice, are quite particular about the rice cooker. Leading household appliances makers in the country have all developed their unique technology such as “vacuum” “pressure” “earthen pot” “iron cauldron” and “steam cut”, each of which creates a distinctive taste and flavor. Why don’t you find your favorite?
  4. Hair Care and Beauty Products
    <p>Hair Care and Beauty Products</p>
    Hair Care and Beauty Products

    Made-In-Japan personal grooming products for men and women, such as electronic facial rollers, facial massagers, shavers, hair dryers and others, are so popular with foreign tourists. There is a wide variety of products from a roller you can use on both your face and body to an ultrasonic facial and pore cleanser.
  5. Cameras

    The most popular are single lens reflex cameras that capture what cellphone-cameras can’t. Recently, mirror-less single lens cameras are also popular, especially those models from Canon and SONY good for taking selfies.
  6. Jewelry

    Pearls were first cultivated in Japan, and cultured pearls made in Japan are highly valued the world over. Also popular is “blood coral” harvested only in waters around Japan, so called after its distinct blood red colour.
  7. Stainless bottles
    <p>Stainless bottles</p>
    Stainless bottles

    Because of the highly valued technology of Japanese makers such as Tiger, Zojirushi, Thermos and others, stainless bottles with heat/cold insulation are so popular. After all, travellers need to carry drinks and some of them purchase in bulk as souvenirs.
  8. Medicine

    Medicines only available in Japan are quite popular with foreign tourists such as throat drugs based on traditional Chinese medicine, digestive drugs, cold drugs, refreshing eye drops, poultice for shoulder/back pain and others. Some tourists buy them by the box as souvenirs for their friends and relatives.
  9. Knives

    From traditional steel knives to rust-free ceramic knives, Japanese knives are sought-after due to the sophisticated technology of the country’s knife makers that ensures high quality. Ceramic knives are especially good to cut fruits and many foreign tourists purchase them along with ceramic peelers.
  10. Nail clippers
    <p>Nail clippers</p>
    Nail clippers

    Japanese nail clippers are very popular thanks to ingenious ideas such as attaching a loupe or LED to them as well as the established reputation of Japan’s cutlery technology. Anime characters adorn some of these clippers. Nail clippers are now one of the most popular souvenirs of Japan.

In addition to offering multilingual customer service, Laox's main stores in Akihabara and Ginza have been certified by Japan National Tourist Organization, a government office, as Tourist Information Centre. The information counters at the two main stores provide information about the surrounding areas in English, Chinese and Japanese. Feel free to ask them any questions or ask for any help.

Also, there is an extra benefit for Chinese tourist: extended warranty! Thanks to Laox’s alliance with Suning Commerce, one of the largest retailers in China, you can get the warranty period extended by three years in addition to the one or two years offered by the maker. Furthermore, you can receive warranty service at countless stores in China under the Suning Commerce group.

Helped by multilingual store staff and reassuring long-term warranty, you might find yourself with so many bags!

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Multilingual customer service & tax-free, Awesome!
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Wouldn't have thought of nail clippers!
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Great info. I didn't know it is there in Osaka. Will visit it next trip.

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