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A giant electronics and appliance shop in Akihabara

Japan prides itself on quality electronics and a unique style of entertainment, and the best place to get a good experience is none other than the famous Akihabara. Here you get to find good deals on good quality electronics and appliances, as well as experiencing a whole new kind of entertainment. One of the shops I have visited around Akihabara is Edion.

The six-floor shop offers various kinds of electronic goods and appliances. From the moment you step inside the building, you'll see different models of mobile phones and cameras. On one side of the first level, you can purchase or ask about phone subscriptions from the three major phone service companies in Japan -- Docomo, Au and Softbank. And on the other side is where you will find all the latest models of binoculars, video recorders, cameras and their accessories.

As you go to the second floor on the escalator, you'll see displayed televisions in different sizes, brands and models flashing realistic pictures on their screens. You'll also find DVD players, Blu-ray recorders and even blank CDs on the same floor.

On the third floor, you'll see displays of personal computers, laptops, routers and Wi-Fi devices. The fourth floor features a plethora of household appliances like dishwashers, electric kitchen utensils, blenders, hair dryers and curling irons, electric toothbrushes and shavers, microwave ovens and toasters, mini-greenhouse farms, water dispensers and coffee makers, to name a few.

Electric lighting, including battery lamps and LEDs, is on the 6th floor. Several seasonal appliances like air conditioners, heaters and humidifiers, are also on display.

Hunting for a good deal on electronics in Akihabara is a challenging game, which can be likened to hide-and-seek, especially for first-time visitors. With a warren of electronic shops, of course, we want to get the best deal for our pockets, especially when it comes to investing in a good set of computers and gadgets.

Veteran shoppers in Akihabara advise newcomers to go straight to the giant shops. Find the shops with big names in Japan, not only in Akihabara, because they don’t just provide the latest models and good customer service, they also accept various modes of payment, and offer discounts and point systems.

Edion is considered one of the giants among the electronic and appliance shops among the rabbit warren of stores in the busy streets of Akihabara. It may not be the highest in rank, but it sure comes up to par with all the other huge shops in the entire country.

The gigantic building of Edion stands proudly among the other electronics shops in the city blocks. It is not easy to miss with its huge name written in romaji (Roman characters) on the topmost part of the building against a blue background. The “I” and “O” are linked together to make it look like an orange “ON” button of an electronic device. Moreover, so you won’t have to keep looking up and hurt your nape, the name is also written vertically on the side of the building.

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