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Haneda Airport Terminal 2

Plane spotter’s paradise part 2

Having recently visited Haneda’s Terminal One building several weeks ago for a bit of ‘plan spotting’, I was determined to see how it’s neighboring terminal compared in terms of facilities and of course, its flight observation deck.

While Terminal One is used primarily for Japan Airlines (JAL), Terminal Two houses Japan’s second largest airline ANA (All Nippon Airways), plus some other smaller carriers including Air Do, Solaseed Air and Star Flyer.

Immediately upon entering this terminal, I was impressed by its layout and how spacious everything appeared to be. Although consisting of only 5 floors (as opposed to Terminal One’s six floors), Terminal Two feels totally different and looks more modern. This is thanks largely to its many glass structures and clever design which give the illusion of open space.

For me however, the all important question was which of the two domestic terminals boasted the best observation desk?

Situated on the 5th floor, Terminal Two’s observation deck consists of two outside sections plus a central area that is covered in glass. All of these sections are conveniently interconnected and have several impressive cafes and restaurants, offering a decent menu along with a great place to relax as well as being able to do a bit of ‘plan spotting’ in comfort.

In conclusion, Terminal Two wins hands down in pretty much every aspect, especially in regard to its observation deck. While Terminal One has some rather somewhat restricted views, Terminal Two’s observation deck allows you to get a much closer look of the runways

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