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Anago at Sakana Gensai

Anago, or salt-water eel, cuisine in Shinjuku

Gensai is a cluster of authentic, traditional Japanese restaurants located in west Shinjuku. The Sakana Gensai branch specialises in fresh anago served in a more intimate setting compared to its izakaya brethren, located in the same neighbourhood.

Anago (salt-water eel) is a popular fish in Japan and, although similar to its oilier, richer freshwater unagi cousin, is known for its sweetness and soft texture, and commonly found served as nigiri sushi.

Using anago fresh from the tank, the chefs here will prepare and serve dishes in a variety of styles, allowing guests to appreciate the depth of flavour and texture of this revered fish. For those seated at the counter adjacent to the chefs, you'll be able to witness the artful preparation of usuzukuri anago, or thinly-sliced anago sashimi, from fish tank to the plate.

But there is more on offer than sashimi. From chigyou— 3 week old anago served raw—to flame-broiled eel, sushi, tempura and boiled anago, served ochazuke-style, Sakana Gensai has it all.

Dishes rotate throughout the year and to reflect what is in season – as shown by the items listed on the wooden oshinagaki menu that adorns the wall.

Sourcing fresh anago from different localities (such as Edomae, Usuki and Tsushima) depending on the season, Sakana Gensai works hard to keep the menu and experience as fresh as possible for first-time visitors and regulars alike.

Getting there

Sakana Gensai is a just across the road from Exit D5 of Shinjuku-nishiguchi Station (Oedo Line), or a 5 minute walk from Shinjuku Station (JR/Tokyo Metro).

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