Club ARC Tokyo

New club and bar in fashionable Omotesando

 Featured   Sep 3, 2015

Set in the heart of Tokyo's fashionable district Omotesando, ARC Tokyo made its opening debut just last month in July 2015. A social hub of entertainment as a club and bar, ARC Tokyo converges fashion, music, and culture into one space. With creative director Abilio Marcelo Hagihara, former Prada Japan and current Prada USA visual director, ARC welcomes guests to a sophisticated space where they can expect to be greeted with top quality service and a best in class sound and light system. 

Other esteemed collaborators include interior designer Bryan Russell and lighting designer Ryoko Nakamura, who has worked with A-list celebrities such as Naomi Watts and Beyonce Knowles. The logo and website was designed by Bo Jung who has experience working with prominent clients such as Tom Ford and Calvin Klein. 

Divided into two areas, nightclub "Arc Tokyo", and bar "Arc Room", guests can enjoy their night while moving freely from one space to the other. Spend the night dancing away with the fantastic sound system known as VOID which is the latest sound system in the world used by some of the greatest clubs in the party capital Ibiza. Take a break at the fashionable and dimly lit bar with a view of the dance floor, serving only the finest of liquors. Another separate bar also allows for conversation away from the echoing music of the club. The bar area "Arc Room" opens from the evening time while the club area "Arc Tokyo" opens from late hours til morning.

ARC hosts events that feature local and international artists; Friday nights are hosted by New York high fashion magazine TWELV, featuring up-and-coming bands and artists. On Saturday nights, the club features top club music inviting both domestic and international talents. Keep an eye out for upcoming events and make sure not to miss out on some of Tokyo's biggest parties! There are gorgeous VIP areas in the upstairs sections. Guests can make a VIP reservation by phone or email to

The clubbing scene is growing in Tokyo, and a diverse range of party-goers are circling the city in search for the next best club. Planning a big night out with your friends? Why not head out to ARC for a night to be remembered. Located only a short walking distance from Omotesando station in central Tokyo, it is the perfect place to start and end your night. 

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JapanTravel Featured

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