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Asakusa Nakamise Shopping Street

Making the most out of your day at this popular street

You can really make a day out of going down one road. Leading up to the Sensō-ji temple is none other than Asakusa Nakamise Shopping Street. You might have heard of this popular site, though it's not often you are given advice on how to make the most out of your day here.

The little things that makes a difference

There are many things you can do when sightseeing in Asakusa. If you are going to visit the temple, you can't avoid going down this interesting shopping street. I suggest wearing comfortable walking shoes.

Since there is so much to look at, walking for long periods of time will be inevitable. There are plenty of places to take a break at the temple. However, since there is so much you could possibly enjoy down the street, you probably don't want to miss out.

When visiting the temple you will notice a lot of people carrying parasols. If you don't have one I would consider investing in one for the summer. It helps to block out the sun's heat and avoid harmful UV rays. This is incredibly optional though; I just find that it's easier having one rather than looking for shade.

Tips on buying

When looking for things to purchase there is a neat little trick. When traveling with my friend she let me in on a secret, “Don’t purchase the first thing you see.” When looking to buy a wind chime for a friend she urged me to compare prices of every shop selling wind chimes. I was happy I could find the perfect design for a cheap price. It was the same thing for snacks. One flavor of ice cream can be sold on the same street for a lower cost at another shop.

Remember to stay hydrated! There are multiple vending machines near this temple that sell beverages. I noticed it's incredibly easy to find a vending machine near another that sells the same products for a couple of yen less.


In a lot of shops leading up to the temple, taking pictures inside is actually not allowed. The reason for this is because a lot of the things they sell are handmade. You will usually see in the entrance a picture of a camera with a red cross over it. Be careful not to accidentally overlook it.

It is understandable to take pictures of Sensō-ji, however, because for many this is a wonderful first-time experience. Taking photos of the street and in front of the temple is normal. It's one of the best parts of visiting the temple; being able to bring back those visual mementos is important.

These few suggestions can make your day extra easier. Make sure to soak in the beautiful surroundings of Asakusa as you try out these tips along with some new foods, shopping for souvenirs, and visiting the temple.

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“Don’t purchase the first thing you see.” I agree.

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