Asakusa Streets

Discover what is hiding in the streets of Asakusa!

By Kasia Szumna    - 1 min read

Asakusa is one of the most traditional neighbourhoods in Tokyo. The most popular tourist spot is Senso-ji Temple, but there is so much more hiding in the streets of Asakusa!

Take a walk along Denbouin Street, where you can feel the impact of Edo culture. Look for souvenirs, like Japanese accessories and crafts or amanatto beans. Visit Kappabashi Dogugai Street, a shopping area with a proud history of over 100 years. Stroll through Nakamise Shopping Street, where some of the stores date back to the Edo era.

When too tired from walking, take a pulled rickshaw and enjoy the view and a cool breeze during the ride. Try traditional sweets and check out some of the oldest restaurants in Tokyo. There really is that much to do here.

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