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The Sumida Embankment

A walk along the river

As an artist, I always prefer visual images rather than any other kind of information. Visiting Japan, apart from sightseeing famous historical places that one “must see”, I have a lot of free time. I enjoy just walking or sitting down and looking all around. There are many places in Tokyo that I like, but maybe my favorite is the Sumida River embankment.

There are many bridges across the Sumida River, each of different color and design. Buildings on both sides are different, too. The view of the buildings is very intricate and not boring. All kinds of boats cruise along the Sumida River. Some of them are floating restaurants where people celebrate events. Also, there are tourist boats that travel from Odaiba to Asakusa Cruise Station.

Usually, I come to Asakusa Station and walk towards the Sky Tree, then turn to walk along the embankment, passing a few bridges. Then I like to cross a bridge and walk to the other side. Local people come to rest there, too.

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