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Atago Jinja Shrine

Tranquil, beautiful, a world away from the city below

Atago Shinji Shrine is set out of the way up a tall hill, hidden amongst office buildings and skyscrapers. Walking down the road, you first come to notice the numerous and very steep steps leading up into the trees. Climb the steps and you'll walk into a very secluded space, instantly stepping into a whole different world, right out of the buzzing city and into tranquility. The trees seem to work with the birds to block out any traffic and city noise.

When visiting any Japanese shrine it's always good to show the proper etiquette. JapanTravel has the perfect guide here, which talks you through the process of visiting Shrines and Temples. I read this guide before setting off and followed it the best I could; finding myself launched into calmness and not wanting to leave. Some time during my visit a gentle shower began, adding to the already peaceful atmosphere and adding to the natural sounds around.

Making your way back to the steps, a window appears in the trees revealing a couple of buildings, reminding you of the life outside.

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