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The days of five-dollar-per-night huts in Laos and couch surfing in London are over, and truth be told, I was never really one for hostels. I am a simple man: a clean room, internet, laundry machines and access to mass transit and I’m as happy as a dog with two tails. At my station in life, I have no particular interest in common lounges, ping pong tables or coupons for local clubs. Thankfully, at Azabu Court in Tokyo, I’ve found a place that meets my needs.

Nestled away on a quiet street less than a five-minute walk to the Hiroo Metro Station in the Roponggi District, Azabu Court offers an economical alternative to mature, professional and seasoned travelers. The accommodation is open to both short and long term stays with the prices reduced accordingly for the latter. For those that fall into the camp of the former, you’ll still be able to enjoy a well-appointed room at a reasonable rate.

Azabu Court is what I would describe as a hybrid-accommodation. Its studio apartment living in that you have access to laundry, bike lockers, your own personal phone number and can have mail delivered to you directly. But it’s also a hotel in that you have front desk assistance and linen and cleaning services available (for those staying longer than one week).

The Roppongi District is very “western,” there is no denying that. For those that have never visited Japan before, the area may serve as comfortable introduction to the country and the city of Tokyo. For myself, I’ve been to Japan and Tokyo a number of times before and I love the fact that the metro station is so close that it enables me to reach any area of the mega-city I so choose to explore with ease.

In the immediate vicinity of the apartment building are a number of restaurants, grocery stores, convenience chain-stores and shops. There are also a number of high-end boutiques, bakeries, bistros and wine shops. Essentially, the area is accessible to travelers on any budget. You can enjoy an expensive meal at Enoteca Wine Bar or you head down the street to the 100 Yen store for some bargain shopping – the choice is yours.

The Azabu Court has the flexibility to suit whatever “travel style” you happen to employ. If you are like me and want to immerse yourself in everything Japanese or if you’d like to slowly dip your toes into the onsen, so-to-speak, or even if you fall somewhere in between, the Azabu Court offers an economical way for mature travelers to experience Tokyo, Japan.

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Olga 5 years ago
Looks clean and nice! Good review, thanks.