Photo: Tom Roseveare | JT
Photo: Tom Roseveare | JT
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The perfect combination of burgers and wagyu beef

What happens when an American burger meets Japanese wagyu beef? A grown man cries. That’s just how good Shibuya’s Blacows 100% wagyu beef burgers are. Located in a quiet area off of the major roads in Ebisuniishi, Blacows is a well-known lunch and dinner spot for locals.

As the top of their menu states clearly in bold, the patties are made from 100% wagyu beef producing a juicy burger filled with flavor. All burgers are served with grilled onions and tartar sauce as well as a pickle and wedge fries that can be substituted with zucchini fries if so desired. Additional toppings such as tomatoes start from ¥50, and lunch sets with a drink and salad go for another ¥400. The true beef lover can opt for their special, aptly titled Big Blacows - a ¥3180 burger with two patties, Colby Jack cheese, fried egg, bacon, and several vegetables.

As expected of wagyu beef, the patties are extremely juicy and the meat tender. Its flavor could stand alone without the tartar or BBQ sauce. Although the meat may be the star of the show, Blacows' buns are not to be ignored. They have the right amount of fluff and fill. The lightly seasoned fries pair well with the burger, and upon finishing the set you won’t feel ridiculously stuffed (yours truly has just eaten sushi before this). For those not in the mood for a burger, several sandwich and soup options will fit your bill. If craving something sweet, Blacows dessert board highlights their cheesecakes and gelato of the day. Draft beer, Guinness, and nonalcoholic beer are also on tap.

While the meat is of higher quality, the hamburgers are reasonably priced with the standard burger at ¥1300. Not exactly a McDonald’s price, but then again not your McDonald’s flavor. As you wait for your food, the sound of chefs forming the beef into patties with loud claps from the open kitchen gives the restaurant a relaxed kind of vibe. The popular spot does get crowded, but on a weekday for lunch you won’t find a queue to be seated. Delicious and maybe even a life-changing burger a experience, Blacows will change your mind about straying away from eating burgers in Tokyo.


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Kim a year ago
Definitely one of Tokyo's best burger spots! I'm also a big fan of Arms Burger by Yoyogi Park.