BT21 Café in Shibuya

BTS and LINE FRIENDS team up at the BT21 cafe

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BTS fans in Japan can come check out this café based on the BT21 collaboration between BTS and LINE FRIENDS. BT21 Café is only open for a limited time. Opened on June 28, 2019 the cafe will close up on August 19, 2019.

The theme for the BT21 Cafe is Hawaiian-style foods. Even if you are not a BTS fan you can come and enjoy the taste of Hawaiian food. The food and drinks give off a fun tropical vibe.

Reservation Fees

The cafe is popular, though, so you'll need to reserve a spot if you want to eat here. The reservation time slots last for 80 minutes and you must show up 10 minutes before your reserved time. Reservation fees are ¥650 yen per person, not including tax, where you'll also receive one of seven BT21 characters. Reservations can only be made online.

BTS Merchandise

Now, the cafe is popular so if it is fully booked, you can still enter to purchase BT21 themed items from the gift shop. Keychains, lanyards, t-shirts, and other items are all available. Most items are based on a single BT21 character but there are ones featuring all of them together.

BT21 keychains
BT21 keychains

What's on the menu?

The food, though, is easy and fun with each BT21 character having its own dish. The following are the menu’s food items:

  • RJ Poki Plate
  • CHIMMY Hawaiian Burger
  • COOKY Frika Keahi
  • TATA Loco Moco
  • KOYA Carapoke
  • SHOOKY Mochiko Chicken
  • MANG Garlic Shrimp

A meal set featuring food and dessert comes to ¥1990. Extra dessert is ¥500. Dessert is a cream-topped malasada, similar to a fried doughnut with coated with sugar. The colour of the cream corresponds to the colour of each character. Drinks are also available at ¥850. Of course, each character has its own different flavoured drink though a grapefruit flavoured takeout drink in a cute BT21 bottle for ¥1690 is also available. Except for the extra dessert, all food prices are exclusive of tax.

An example of the special offer on the menu.
An example of the special offer on the menu.

If you are a fan of the BT21 world then head to Shibuya as soon as you can for a fun time at the BT21 Cafe.

Getting there

The cafe is a 3-minute walk from Shibuya Station. It is located on the Basement 2 Floor of SHIBUYA 109 Mall.

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Sleiman Azizi a year ago
Subcultures in Japan can be amazing. I mean, who would have thought that a subculture based on characters in a messaging app could exist, let alone flourish like this?
Kim B a year ago
Adorable merchandise!