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Bubby's Pie Company

American comfort food in the heart of Tokyo

If you’re craving some American style comfort food, you must try out Bubby’s near Tokyo Station. First opened in New York, Bubby’s made its way to Tokyo in 2012. Located underground at the Yaesu Chikagai Mall, Bubby’s has a menu that definitely satisfied my Texan appetite.

For starters, I asked for the half-sized Caesar salad. That in itself could have been a full meal with its generous amounts of chicken. And there was macaroni and cheese, so of course I had to try that as well. Baked in the oven with thick cheese (a rarity in Japan) and coated with bread crumbs, each bite was a reminder of home. The appetizers alone were enough to fill me up.

But the main dish was on its way. Bubby’s menu offers a variety of different burgers, half a roasted chicken, or meatloaf wrapped in bacon. I chose the meatloaf, and I wasn’t disappointed. With a thick slab of meat wrapped in even more meat, and laid on top of a huge pile of mashed potatoes, I was overexcited to sink my teeth into my first southern meal since moving to Japan. These were definitely not Japanese portions, but great hulking plates of food that take a slow pace to finish.

As for dessert, I was completely floored. Pies galore! They had pecan pie, banana cream pie, peach pie, apple pie, chocolate pudding pie, and much, much more. As a Texan, I had no choice but to have the maple pecan pie slathered in whip cream. I was completely stuffed, yet somehow made room for every bite.

The atmosphere was very relaxed to add to the home-style feel. The restaurant is separated into two rooms, the bar and the dining area. The dining area was packed and noisy, so I decided to sit at the much quieter bar. From the communal table, there is an open kitchen where you can watch the chefs at work. I found myself staring at each dish, thinking maybe I should have ordered that instead.

Bubby's is open from morning to night with a breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu. There are other locations in Yokohama and at Arkhills in Roppongi. Whether you’re an expatriate or a tourist, Bubby’s is a great stop to grab an American meal in the heart of Tokyo.

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Do they have pumpkin pie? I'm craving it but can't find anywhere...

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